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A brand that matches your energy


Welcome to the world of exceptional branding where quality is our top priority. At our dedicated studio, we specialize in crafting top-notch branding solutions tailored for ambitious entrepreneurs and small business owners like you. Our mission is to empower our clients in reaching their desired target audience while staying firmly aligned with their business objectives.

In need of a branding savior? Look no further, as I am the ultimate solution to all your branding dilemmas. Elevate your graphics and take them to unparalleled heights by booking with us today! Let's embark on this exciting, branding journey together, giving you an unforgettable seamless experience from start to finish.

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Why You Should Entrust Us With Your Brand

Our Signature Services were curated for your brand's transformation. At Kennedy Graphix Studio, we unlock the true essence of your business. We delve deep to define your brand's core values, tone of voice, and what it truly stands for. As the bedrock of every successful venture, branding is the key to unlocking your business's full potential, permeating every aspect of your enterprise.

Without the right branding, connecting with your target audience and fueling business growth becomes a daunting task. Our mission is to ensure that every client we collaborate with achieves their branding aspirations. Throughout the journey, we strive for nothing less than seeing our clients fall head over heels for their new brand, radiating a passion that's truly contagious.

We cherish working with visionary clients like you, who recognize the power of investing in their business and are ready to embrace the next level of expansion. Together, let's turn your dreams into a tangible reality and craft the brand you've always envisioned. Let's join hands on this transformative adventure, bringing your brand to life like never before.

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Meet Me in the Studio

Greetings, everyone! I'm Kaylyn, the proud owner of Kennedy Graphix Studio. What began as a simple hobby in graphic design two years ago has blossomed into a true passion that drives me every day.

At Kennedy Graphix Studio, we offer a diverse range of services to cater to your branding needs. From social media management and virtual assistant support to website design, logo development, and brand identity creation – we've got you covered!

My ultimate joy comes from bringing my clients' branding visions to life. Helping you achieve your business goals, whether it's boosting revenue or enhancing Instagram engagement, is my top priority. With a commitment to research, collaboration, and creativity, I am dedicated to guiding business owners like you towards reaching your target audiences and attaining unparalleled success.

Your trust means the world to me, and I can't wait to embark on this branding journey with you. I'm thrilled to be here, eager to connect, and ready to learn from each one of you. Let's build something incredible together!

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Scope of Services:

  • Social Media Development

  • Brand Identity Suite

  • Logo  Development

  • Social Media Management

  • Virtual Assistant

  • Admin Services

  • Campaign + Content Design

  • Website Design

  • Market + Brand Strategy

  • Product Design

  • Prints


Copywriting, Illustrations, Mobile App Creation, Trademarking, Glitter and/or Cartoon Logos, Single Logo Services, etc.

Any service you don't see, please do not hesitate to reach out via email to inquire.

Not sure where to begin?


Are you ready to scale your business and focus on being the expert? Ready to have a peace of mind knowing your social media is in good hands? Allow me to handle the take your workload stress away.

Website Design

Ready to establish your digital home? We offer full website development for Wix or Shopify platforms. whether you are a serviced-based or product-based business, we can design a website for you.

Retainer Services

Are you already established and need consistency in your brand? We have 4 Retainer Membership Packages that provides you with a certain amount of graphics for a set price monthly. Start showing up daily for your brand.

A La Carte

Need Social Media Flyers? Business & Thank you Card Design & Prints? Mini Content Pack? Our A La Carte Services are for established brands that just need a few quick services from Kennedy Graphix Studio.


Ignite Your Brand's Transformation

At Kennedy Graphix Studio, we cherish the spirit of collaboration, valuing every step of our journey with your brand. Together, we'll embark on a transformative process, crafting a brand that exudes minimalism, luxury, sleekness, and simplicity.

Our framework is meticulously designed, laying a robust visual foundation that propels your brand towards unrivaled excellence. Each element we present is carefully crafted to reflect the essence of your business, captivating your audience and leaving a lasting impression.

With your vision and our expertise, we'll weave magic into your brand identity. Let's embrace this collaborative process, making your brand's success story one that's etched in history. Get ready to witness your brand's evolution – together, we'll create something extraordinary. Connect with us today, and let's bring your brand's vision to life!



The client will fill out a questionnaire about their business and what they are for looking for their business.



Let’s meet and discuss details on your project. Our kickoff strategy meeting will clarify all the foundational parts of your business.



Time for me to work my magic and design your project. 



The client will give general feedback on the project delivered and what specific revisions they would like to see.

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We will work on revisions based on feedback provided and have the next round of concepts back to the client within a week.

(steps 4 and 5 repeat until we reach a final draft.



Once the final draft is approved by the client and payment has been made in full, we will send over all files in pdf, png, and jpg format.

Duvuri J - Retainer Client


Kay is very enthusiastic about her work . You ask for it to be done by a certain time and it’s done . She takes care of you and all you have to do is tell her to freestyle and she sees your vision and very professional . A real superstar in the business ‼️‼️

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