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Studio Hours:


  • Tuesday-Friday: 12pm - 6pm

  • Weekends + Holidays: CLOSED

  • Mondays are CEO/Retainer Days and are not included in turnaround time.

  • We are closed on the weekends and all U.S. holidays, including my birthday. If I decide to close on any other day(s) that aren’t listed, it will be posted via Instagram and Facebook. To my retainer clients, you will receive an email. Any messages/emails received after business hours will be replied to the next business day. For the weekends. all messages/emails will be replied to on Tuesday during business hours. At peak times, I will return emails/messages within 24-72 hours.


  • Clients agree to pay Kennedy Graphix Studio 100% of the total project cost before any services are provided unless stated otherwise by Kennedy Graphix Studio.
  • All payments must go through invoice using secured payment processors only! You cannot order via text, facebook, instagram, and/or email. Payment methods accepted are Cash App, Invoice, or Zelle.
  • Projects over $400 require a 50% starter fee before designing begins. The starter fee guarantees your spot in our queue for designing. Without starter fee, your project is nonexistent in our queue and will not be worked on until a payment is made.
  • All payments must be made in full for all design projects to begin. For all custom invoices/projects, payments must be paid by the due date for the initial price to be honored. Once payment has been cleared, the design process will begin. 
  • If the client pays a non-refundable starter fee, the remaining balance is due immediately after design approval before final draft can be sent. If the client does not pay the remaining balance immediately after design approval, Kennedy Graphix Studio will send one reminder email. If the balance is still not paid, the project will be canceled, the client will be blocked & banned from our website, and final files will not be sent.
  • All pricing through Kennedy Graphix Studio is subject to change at any time and becomes effective upon posting to the site. If there has been an agreed pricing between (the designer) and you (the client) before changes have been made, it will remain valid until the project is complete.
  • You are agreeing to this policy when you purchase on
Retainer Program:
  1. Bronze Retainer- 5 graphics a month
  2. Silver Retainer- 10 graphics a month
  3. Gold Retainer- 15 graphics a month
  4. Platinum Retainer- 20 graphics a month
  • Each tier must be paid in full.
  • If you are interested in the retainer program, but you cannot afford full payment, payment options are available for Tier 2-4.
  • Bronze Retainer must be paid in full. No exceptions.
  • Payment options:
    • Total amount on agreed date​
    • Bi-weekly (50% of total amount)
  • Any additional graphics needed outside of tier limit, you will have to pay for all additional graphics at a discounted rate.
Design Process:
  1. Client Inquiry Form - The client will fill out a questionnaire about their business and what they are for looking for their business.
  2. Onboarding- Let’s meet and discuss details on your project. Our kickoff strategy meeting will clarify all the foundational parts of your business. In this step you'll complete the intake form, pay the custom invoice, and sign the design contract. After intake form is complete, you'll fulfill the invoice. Lastly, the contract will need your signature to proceed forward.
  3. Design - I will begin the design process. Each service/project has their own unique turnaround time (Please be sure you are aware of the turnaround time. Need it sooner? Rush fees are available for selected services).
  4. Drafts + Revisions - Draft files will be sent via email for review. This is where you send any revisions. You are allowed up to (3) FREE revisions. After the 3rd revision, any revision will be $15 each. If there aren't any revisions needed, we can proceed to the next step.
  5. Finalization - After project(s) have been finalized, I will send your files in different files such as PNG, PDF, or JPG format. The approved & final files will be sent via email after remaining balance is paid for special projects. You will be ready to elevate your business with branding. However, once design(s) have been finalized & approved, any additions or adjustments will result in an additional fee of $25 PER revision.


Refund + Cancellation Policy:

  • Due to the nature of all services provided by Kennedy Graphix Studio refunds are not eligible. Kennedy Graphix Studio does not provide refunds for any design services under any circumstance. Unfortunately, when a design project starts and design time has accumulated, refunds are no longer applicable. Deciding to move forward with another business or having buyers remorse is not a suitable means for a refund. Once payment has been made, the project will begin and the final design will be returned to the client/customer in the turnaround time frame given. Note: Turnaround times vary amongst projects or amount of projects.

  • If you would like to cancel a project for any reason, please contact Kennedy Graphix Studio as soon as you can. It should also be noted that you will not be given a refund if you decide to terminate your project. More than 2 cancellations, customer will be banned from our site and will not be able to book with us again.
  • You are agreeing to this policy when you purchase on
Shipping Policy:
  • Standard shipping time for all Kennedy Graphix Studio prints is 7-14 business days.
  • Prints will be processed 1 business day after client approval of design/final payment.
  • Be sure to double-check your shipping address at checkout! Address changes cannot be made after prints are shipped out.
  • You are agreeing to this policy when you purchase on

Forms of Communication:

  • For legal purposes Kennedy Graphix Studio will only communicate via email. By doing so both parties are able to keep a paper trail of all conversations had. On occasion, communication between “the Client”, and Kennedy Graphix Studio will be held via phone or zoom during the hours of Kennedy Graphix Studio hours of operation. Any phone call or zoom meeting will be recorded.

Communication + Disappearance (Ghost) Fee:

  • All communication between Kennedy Graphix Studio and Client must be done via email or phone call. If we do not have a scheduled appointment, phone calls will not be answered. Here at Kennedy Graphix Studio, we only make outgoing calls. We do not accept incoming calls.

  • All emails/messages are responded to within a 24-72 hours time frame during business hours. However, response times may be extended during peak times.

  • All questionnaires/forms must be completed within 5-7 business days after being sent. If not, order will be canceled and no refund will be issued.

  • Client has up to 5-7 business days to provide proper feedback (revisions) after each draft is sent. If the client fails to respond in time, the order will be closed and the client will be sent the final files as-is. If the client would like to resume with revisions, there will be a $50-$100 (depending on KGS and the amount of time the client disappeared without proper communication) inconvenience fee requested via invoice, and the turnaround time will restart.

  • Although we do understand life happens, in most instances you can communicate with us. If you have placed an order and do not submit your information within 5-7 business days you will receive (2) courtesy emails. If you do not fill out the form 48 hours of of this email, your order will be closed.

  • In the instance in the middle of your project, you disappear, you will receive (2) courtesy emails. If you do not respond within 48 hours of this email, your order will be closed.

  • All closed orders can be reopened within 48 hours of closure for a fee of ($50-$100) which will need to be paid in full. If you attempt to reopen your order outside of the time frame stated above, you will need to pay full price for the services previously ordered.

  • Our ability to complete a project on time depends on everyone's ability to stick to a timeline. If “the Client” disappears, meaning no communication at all via email, phone, or text for more than 5 business days, the client will receive (2) courtesy emails in an attempt to get in contact with them. If they do not respond after (2) attempts, the project will then be paused and the client will have to pay a “ghost fee” within 48 hours in order for project to resume.
  • If a project pauses more than 10 business days, we charge a restart fee ($50-$100) to pick up where we left off.
  • Professionalism and respect are essential on both sides of the business. Kennedy Graphix Studio strives to treat every client with respect and great professionalism. We take our own project deadlines seriously, and our clients need to have the same level of commitment to their project for it to run smoothly and be successful.

Drafts + Revisions:

  • Draft images of ANY kind are only used for approval. They are not to be manipulated, copied or taken for personal use. ALL drafts are property of Kennedy Graphix Studio.
  • For all projects done by Kennedy Graphix Studio, there are (3) free revision limit.
  • After three revisions, any additional revision will be $15 each.
  • Each service has their own unique revision turn around time - which can be found in the description box of that particular service.
  • All emails that contain drafts must be replied to within 24-72 hours, to ensure that revisions can be completed and sent back to you in an appropriate amount of time. If you do not respond to an email/message containing drafts within 72 hours you will be moved back into the queue of orders and your order will be completed at a later time as it fits in our schedule.

Transfer of Rights + Property:

  • Once this project is completed, the client is free to do what they want with their product.

  • However, under no circumstances can the client sell the graphic to a third party.

  • Kennedy Graphix Studio has full right to use for portfolio and/or marketing purposes unless agreed upon otherwise. Please provide a NDA contract to mutually sign to protect each other. Please understand, this is how we showcase our work. This is our job, and we need content to showcase for others to see - so we can build our clientele. If you do not agree, please refrain from booking.

Final Drafts + Files Delivery:

  • After project(s) have been finalized, I will send your files in different files such as PNG, PDF or JPG format.
  • Some projects are transferred via a dropbox link via email.
  • Please remember all final files must be downloaded/exported from dropbox for great quality. Refrain from sceenshotting/screen recording any projects.
  • Once the final project is complete and approved, the design process will come to an end. Please ensure that you are satisfied with everything when you approve the final design.
  • If there is an error on Kennedy Graphix Studio's end (spelling, missing info, etc.), Kennedy Graphix Studio will fix it free of charge.
  • However, once design(s) have been finalized & approved, any additions or adjustments will result in an additional fee of $25 PER revision.
Phone/Zoom Consultations:
  • KGS availability is Tuesday-Friday: 12pm-5pm CST. When booking, please book a date and time that will work for you.
  • All scheduled consultations are $25. If available, same-day consultations are $30.
  • Same-day consultations availability varies (please do not hesitate to contact me for the times)
  • After our meeting, KGS determines if the potential client is a good fit or not. If approved, the client's consultation fee will act as a non-refundable starter fee towards the service desired.

  • However, the non-refundable starter fee cannot be used towards any existing order/project. Also, the non-refundable starter fee does expire after 21 business days. Please act promptly.

  • If KGS determines that the prospect is not a good fit for our studio, we will be sure to let the client know what they need in order to become prepared. Please note, the consultation fee will not be refunded.
Client Portal:
  • Client Portals are for clients to keep up with the process of their project at their leisure. We will show you how to access and use your client portal after your payments is made.

Client responsibility:

  • Clients are responsible for providing the correct information and photos at the beginning. Kennedy Graphix Studio will not be responsible for missing information on your behalf.

  • Clients are responsible for proving a clear vision on the graphics they want. Although Kennedy Graphix Studio does not offer freestyle services, "The Designer" will try their best to assist with creativity.

  • Kennedy Graphix Studio is not responsible for any misspelling or misinformation that the customer provides. The information that you submit is the information that will be used. Clients are responsible for proofreading all information submitted before the order is finalized.

  • An up-charge will incur if we have to go in and change any information that was not proofread. Clients are responsible for grammatically correct information.


  • Disrespect in any form will cause for your order to be terminated. If communication is halted for more than 10 days with no explanation your project will be terminated. If by any means Kennedy Graphix Studio terminates your project it is a wrong doing on your part. Use of disrespectful or insulting words during conversation will not be tolerated and will result in termination. In unavoidable circumstances such as natural disasters, death, illness etc. Project will be terminated or delayed (depending on circumstance), you may be eligible for store credit, partial refund, etc.
All policies and/or terms & conditions are subject to change at any time.
Last updated: 4/25/2023

A: We 100% recommend waiting until you have all the details for your design before booking, it makes the process flow and eradicates extra revisions. If you are completely unsure, book a consultation with us today.

Q: I don't have an idea yet, can I still book with you ?

Q: What is the turn around and revision time?

A: Turnaround time start the following business day after an order has been placed and all material and/or information has been received from the client. (ex: completed form and signed contract). Business Days do not include Friday, weekends or national holidays. Turnaround times vary. Each service has their own unique turn around - which can be found in the description box of that particular service. Rush orders vary and may not be available at the time of purchase. Please reflect on your order to see what the guidelines are.

Q: Will I be updated throughout the design process?

A: Kennedy Graphix Studio stands by a "No disturb" clause, during the design process it is important for the client to understand that the designer works best in a non disturbance atmosphere. I will update you (the client) as soon as drafts are needed for review. Please do not inquire about any projects before the estimated turnaround time. Please do not spam any of my contact info.

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