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A Seamless Transformation


Select the service(s) your business/brand needs and answer all required fields/questions about your business.

After reviewing your inquiry or order, I’ll send my package and pricing information sheet to confirm you are familiar with all the details. Then, we’ll set up an onboarding meeting in order to meet (virtually) and get a feel for who you are and what your business and project look like.

After this meeting, I’ll send a project proposal, contract and invoice for a 50% deposit. Once that is signed off on and paid, your project will be officially booked and we'll enter the planning/waiting stage before your project start date.

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As the clock ticks, it's time for me to weave my magic and bring your project to life. With unwavering passion and dedication, I'll craft a masterpiece that surpasses all expectations. We take pride in providing each service with its own unique turnaround time. It's essential that you are aware of these timelines, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience.

Need your project completed sooner than the standard timeframe? No worries! We offer rush fees for selected services, catering to your urgent needs without compromising on quality.

Rest assured, we are committed to delivering exceptional results within the agreed-upon timeframe, without any compromises. Let's work together to create something extraordinary that exceeds your expectations.

Your project's success is our utmost priority. Embrace our tailored turnaround times and experience the magic of timely and remarkable deliverables.


It is time for your input as it helps us perfect our projects. After delivering your exceptional project, we eagerly await your valuable feedback, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision.

Your specific revisions hold immense significance, as they allow us to craft a final result that leaves you absolutely delighted. Rest assured, your desires and preferences are at the heart of our creative process.

Our commitment to excellence means that every aspect of your feedback is thoughtfully considered, resulting in a final product that exceeds your expectations. Together, let's create a masterpiece that reflects your vision and exceeds all boundaries. Your input is our inspiration!


Upon receiving your input, we dive into action, diligently working on revisions that align precisely with your vision. In just one week, we'll present the next round of concepts, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Steps 4 and 5 are where the magic happens, as we iterate together until we reach a final draft that embodies your dream. Your unwavering support and our creative expertise combine to create an exceptional outcome.

With every round, we refine and enhance, leaving no detail overlooked. Our goal is to achieve a final draft that fills you with joy and pride in your brand's identity.


Once we receive your final approval and process the payment, it's time for the exciting finale! We'll promptly send you all files in highly versatile formats.


These carefully prepared files ensure seamless integration across various platforms, leaving you with a remarkable brand identity that stands out in any setting. 


Your files will be provided in an array of formats and colors, meticulously curated to suit both web and print formats. With your new branding in your possession, you're equipped to unveil your branding to the world confidently.

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