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A custom acuity booking design adds a professional look to your booking site while making your booking site easier for clients to navigate. Book Today to make your booking experience luxurious for your clientele. This service includes: (2) E-Flyers


  • Account Login Credentials
  • High Quality, Professional Photos (You may select the stock photos option if you require photos | we will not design a website with no photos)
  • Pictures of your work
  • Service Installation included in pricing. Needed: 
    • Service Names
    • Images of the services (not required),
    • Service Descriptions
    • Service Duration
    • Pricing.
  • Logo files (png file required)
  • Business Policies
    • Late Policy, Deposit/Payments Policy, Cancellation Policy, etc.)



  • Set-Up:
    • Services + Pricing + Duration (up to 15 services) 
  • Editable Canva Link:
    • You will receive a link, making it super easy and convenient to make changes to your policy if necessary.
  • There is an three (3) revision limit. If the client needs revisions for any reason after the initial three (3), there will be a $15 fee per additional revision.
  • Revisions are not new desgins. Revisions are modifications. If you would like a new design, there is an additional fee that will be incurred.

Acuity Booking Site

  • Before you order, please be sure to:

    1. Read all of our policies. By proceeding forward with your purchase, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the polices on this site.
    2. Be sure you are ready to order. This means, be sure this is the correct service needed for your business. (If you're unsure yet interested, schedule a consultation before ordering.)


    • In addition, be sure that you are fully prepared for us to complete your order. This means you should have a vision for your project, professional/high-qulaity photos available, if needed -- as well as all other necessary information needed to complete your order.
    •  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: