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Is your current website outdated? Let's upgrade your site!


You will need to provide:

  • A registered Domain
  • Wix/Shopify Account
  • A paid Subscription 


You will need to provide:

  • Account Login Credentials
  • High Quality, Professional Photos (You may select the stock photos option if you require photos | we will not design a website with no photos)
  • Names For Page Tabs & the information for each page (must be typed out, no screenshots) 
  • If you sell any products we will also need: Product Names, Images of the product, Product Descriptions, and Pricing.
  • Logo files (png file required)
  • Business Policies
    • Shipping fees, Shipping Policy, Refunds Policy, etc.)


You will recieve:

  • 3 Website Banners
  • Category Covers Design
  • Home Page Design
  • Removal and/or Adding Products (up to 20 items)
  • Re-Design up to 3 additional pages (not including Home Page)

Website Revamp

  • Before you order, please be sure to:

    1. Read all of our policies. By proceeding forward with your purchase, you are agreeing that you have read and understand the polices on this site.

    2. Be sure you are ready to order. This means, be sure this is the correct service needed for your business. (If you are unsure, please purchase a consultation)


    • In addition, be sure that you are fully prepared for us to complete your order. This means you should have a vision for your project, professional/high-qulaity photos available, if needed -- as well as all other necessary information needed to complete your order.
    •  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: